Crypto Currencies, What Are They and Why Are They Relevant?

I talk about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, what they are and why they’re relevant.

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Geeks vs Nerds, the Differences and the Similarities

I talk about some of my perceptions about the Geek and Nerd identities, their differences and what they have in common as well as some of my perspectives on them in a wider capacity.

MagicTurtle643′s video:
Rhett & Link’s video:


Let’s Interactively Play Fallout 3 #2 Having a Blast in Megaton (or not)

Welcome to Lets Interactively Play Fallout 3. To check out the rest of the series visit the playlist:

This is an interactive LP within which the viewers guide me through the game by suggesting what I’ll occupy myself with for the next portion of the game, in the form of comments that I’ll randomly choose.

I’m updating weekly, taking a random suggestion from the latest video upload and playing it out for as long as I feel the need to.

Many thanks to let’s player Veriax for coming up with the Interactive LP concept []